Here they are, performance videos from 8/10ths of our Acoustic Guitar Project PGH Participants. (If you don't know what that is, read up on it here. Much like the limitations faced by these songwriters in TAGP, these videos were a little tricky. Not difficult, just counter-intuitive for AltarTV, where we like our cameras multitudinous and our cuts aplenty. Most of the other city's curators were not video production companies, so Dave requested that we held back on the high-concept stuff and stick to a single-camera, single-shot videos for these performances. He said nothing about smoke machines. So we cranked up the heat, invited the musicians to come play their songs and gave them one (1) Yuengling apiece. Here are all those videos in order of their place in the 10-week TAGP. Roger Harvey and Ricardo Iamuuri, numbers one and two, will be up soon! For now, enjoy 80% of the crew: WEEK 3: PAUL LUC WEEK 4: TAGP), Phil Atkins (photos and video), Jordan Tomb (guitar model, sound for video), Ali L'Esperance (intern, curator, promotion), Jesse Prentiss (friendly suggestion giver, AcoustiCafe), Quinn Wirth (video), Nathan Larimer (video), and most of all Roger, Ricardo, Paul, Seth, Brooke, Andre, Jon, Lianna, Morgan, and Zoob. But even more most of all thanks to Alex Gordon, who really knocked this project out of the park. What a guy!



Videos We Love is our weekly video-loving blogpost. Today's is St. Vincent's "Digital Witness." Annie Clark, known as her stage moniker St. Vincent, is an artistic genius. Her complex musicianship and challenging lyricism should indicate that well enough. That art reaches a whole new level in the video for "Digital Witness," in which every single element sucks you right into its haunting world. The video is set in a sharply geometric world full of a few bold colors. It honestly looks as if the "Digital Witness" was shot on another planet. The industrial environment and the actors' matching jumpsuits set the stage for a strange dystopian vibe--almost as if you're witnessing some weird cult stuff going down. This cult-like atmosphere suits the unbelievably catchy and dancy-meets-eerie horn melody. Lyrically, Clark is commenting on society's sick obsession with making its digital presence known through constant outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, these outlets creating a weird Internet cult in and of itself. The actors' blank stares and rigid motions match the emptiness in Clark's eyes as she sings, "If I can't show it, you can't see me. What's the point of doing anything?" Besides just rocking some heavy social commentary over funky saxes, the color scheme and costuming in this video is out of this world. The teals, blues, and yellows in such stark, sterile environments look super sharp, and Clark's clothing may be made by a tailor to the gods. To match this cleanliness, each move from shot to shot is meticulously placed, crisp and flawless. The seamless cuts, some pans even matching Clark's eye movements in the previous shot, are easy to get lost in. And you'll get lost in it. One piece of the video that strings it all together is Clark's head nodding to the beat in a majority of the shots, and this motion is matched by actor's marching in time, rolling clay in time, etc. It's freaky to notice that you yourself have probably started nodding your head along subconsciously. St. Vincent pulls off some high-brow art through her music and her videos, and "Digital Witness" is certainly no exception. Go watch it and try not to nod your head along all day. Read more Videos We Love.



BADBOXES' Cabin Fever (JSMN) is up on Substream right now. The second track from BADBOXES' Cabin Fever is on AllThingsGo right now. Get the full set, including an unreleased new song called "Here and Now" right here. Music written and performed by BADBOXES. Concept and production by Phil Atkins, AltarTV.



The first track from BADBOXES' Cabin Fever is up on AllThingsGo right now. Get the full set, including an unreleased new song called "Here and Now" right here. Music written and performed by BADBOXES. Concept and production by Phil Atkins, AltarTV.




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